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Swindon Isis Angling Club
From 1st April the members’ subscription shall be as follows;
  (i)    Juniors – Up to 16th birthday – free, but they must be accompanied
                  by an adult member.
  (ii)    Juniors – Full membership, up to 16 years of age, FREE
 (iii)     Seniors – 16 - 65 years of age, £55.00
 (iv)     Pensioners Over 65 years or registered disabled, £35.00
 (v)    From 1st November in any year, half season membership shall be
            For juniors   FREE. Pensioners or disabled £25
                  For seniors £35.00  until the end of this season.

Students over the age of 16 years attending full time education will be charged at a   rate of £35 (full season)£25 (half season) on proof of Student Union membership. 
Life membership shall be granted to a member whom the Committee feels has made an outstanding contribution to the club.

Honorary membership as from 16th June will be as follows
       (i)    Juniors free
       (ii)   Seniors £5.00 per day

       Such honorary membership tickets will be issued by members of the committee only and their absolute discretion TO MEMBERS  ONLY for their guest (s).
       The member to whom the ticket (s) is/are issued must accompany his guest (s) for the day of issue. Honorary membership tickets must be obtained prior to fishing. They will not be issued by the Committee members on the bank.

 1.  The preservation of all Fish and Fish Life
 2.  To promote the Art of Angling
 3 . To acquire Fishing Rights for the use of members, subject to the
                rules as hereinafter itemized.


1. The Club shall be called The Swindon ISIS Angling Club and be Governed by a Chairman, General Secretary, Match Secretary Treasurer and a minimum of four committee members

2. Committee Meetings will be held on the Second Monday of each Month. Any four committee members present will constitute a valid meeting.

3. The Chairman shall have a casting vote on any matter requiring a vote which results in a tie.

4.The Chairman shall pay all cash received into a Bank Account styled ‘The ISIS Angling Club’. This is to be operated by two signatures, Chairman and Secretary. Any changes in  the signatories to be approved by the Committee.

5.The Chairman, General Secretary Match Secretary and Treasurer shall each be elected for a term of three years. The Committee members shall each be elected for a term of two years, to retire annually in rotation. The Chairman General Secretary  Match  Secretary, Treasurer and Committee members may offer themselves for re-election at the appropriate Annual General Meeting unless the Committee considers that anyone of the retiring members is ineligible to stand for office. Nominations for new Committee Members must be submitted to the Committee, in writing, one month prior to the AGM for their approval.

6.Any proposals must be made in writing ONE month prior to the AGM to the General Secretary. Only proposals approved by the Committee will be put forward at the AGM.

7.Any water acquired either on a rental basis or to be purchased, shall  be held in the name of the Chairman and General Secretary for the time being, to be held by them on trust for the general membership. The Chairman and General Secretary shall have the power, subject to the approval of the Committee, to raise money by loan or other means for the purpose of acquiring of water or facilities on behalf of the general membership.

8.     The Club’s Financial year shall run to 31st March each year. The Annual General  Meeting shall be the THIRD Monday of February


​1.Club cards must be carried at all times when visiting club waters. Failure to do so will result in the offenders being asked to leave the water.
2. All members to exercise their rights as Water Bailiff to prevent non-members from fishing.
3. All members must produce their membership cards whilst fishing, if asked by a member. They must do so at the time of the draw  of club competitions.
4. Membership books are not transferable. A photo must be attached inside back cover to make them valid.
5. Any member found causing damage to property belonging to the owners of the club waters shall, at the discretion of the committee be liable to expulsion.
6. No coarse fish of any species to be killed or taken away from the water.
7.On all rivers the closed season (no fishing) shall be strictly observed.  15th March till 15th June inclusive.
The lakes will be open all year.
8. No Live Bait.
9. NO FIRES. Lighting of fires is strictly forbidden on all club waters. Any member breaking this rule will be expelled. No liability will attach to the club or any of its officers as a result of any accident caused by the setting of fires. Cooking stoves can be used, but all responsibility is held by the user.
10. No radios, Transistors or audio equipment audible by other members to be used on club waters.
11. No loose dogs allowed. PLEASE keep your dog under control, and clear up any mess.
12. No one to be on the River bank after dark, for any reason
13. No boats allowed on club waters without written permission of the committee. (including Bait boats)
14. NO LITTER. Any litter found at a members swim will be presumed to be theirs, and if not cleared by the angler concerned (at the request of any member) will make them liable to expulsion, at the discretion of the committee.
15. No firearms are to be carried on any club water at any time.
16. Swimming/Wading is not allowed in any of the clubs waters. 
17. If in the opinion of the committee, any member is found guilty of behavior likely to be detrimental to the club, that member concerned shall be given a fair hearing by the committee. But the committee`s decision after considering all the facts shall be final.
18. No metal cans or glass bottles permitted on club waters.
19. Number of rods allowed to be used at club waters :- 

                              i. No 1 lake. 3 rods maximum. Provided a minimum of 2 are fished in conjunction with                                                electronic bite alarms and free spool systems. NOTE. you will need a second E.A. licence                                    to use use 3 rods.
                              ii. No 1A (small) Lake.  One rod maximum
                              iii River Avon Sutton Benger. 2 rods Maximum (must be in the same swim)

20. Additional rules for Lake 1A (small)
                              i. barbless hooks only.
                              ii. No fish to be kept in keepnets for more than 5 hours. except in club or organised matches
                              iii. fishing from designated swims only.
                              iv. No boilies or nuts.
                              v. Dog biscuits must be pre-soaked before fishing. 
21. The Committee would like to hear of all specimen fish or exceptional catches made on club waters.
the Specimen Fish Cup may be awarded for an exceptional catch or catching the best fish above these minimum qualifying weights. 
                                             Bream-7lb   Barbel-7lb   Chub-4lb   Carp- 20lb    Crucian Carp-2lb
                                             Dace-12oz   Eel-4lb   Grayling-2lb    Pike-20lb     Perch-2lb
                                             Roach-2lb    Tench-6lb   Zander-5lb.
Unless a committee member is present to authenticate the catch. We require the names and addresses of two adult witnesses and some photographs, which show the size of the fish. EG a tape measure, rod handle etc.
All of the fish MUST be returned alive

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