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Swindon Isis Angling Club
Disabled Access Improvements (01-01-07)
The club applied for a grant from Awards For All last year in order to improve access to No1a pit. During the last 9 months members will have seen a dramatic improvement in the access to the lake with improved paths and parking area, disabled platforms and a reworking of the spit to allow access. The club have also stocked the pit with small carp that are now showing regularly in catches. Many thanks must go to the hard work of the committee and a small handful of members who completed this project.
One of many work parties at No1a
New Fish Stocked into No1A (01-01-07)
In 2006 the Swindon Isis Angling Club began implementing the enhancement of No. 1 and 1A lakes. As part of this ongoing development, the Club introduced over 500 carp of between 5 and 10 inches in size to Lake 1A under a Section 30 agreement with the Environment Agency. 

The fish were introduced to provide a greater diversity of angling facilities for the club, by forming the initial introduction of longer term stocking proposals. Early signs indicate that the fish are growing on well and are providing some great sport for some of our younger members.

First stocking of carp
Gettiong ready to release the carp
There they go!
Maintenance at No1 and 1A (01-01-07)
Ongoing maintenance is being carried out at lake no1 and 1A. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.
AGM (26.02.07)
The annual general meeting was held at the Queenstown Club in Swindon on 26.02.07. 

While there was a lower than average attendance, the meeting was again a great success. The club seems to be in a strong position and the Committee appear keen on talking to members and to improve things for everyone. Malcolm Ockwell who has fished for the Swindon Isis Team for a number of years was voted in as a committee member, while other members were re-elected.  

Venue Improvements (22.02.2007)
Work parties are to be held at Sutton Benger and No1 Lake (date to be arranged). Please e-mail the club with any suggestions or items that need looking at.

Bream Record broken (20.02.2007)
Committee member Brian Webb landed a Bream of 9-4-0 during the Chairmans Cup Competition held on the 18th of February at Sutton Benger. The fish is a new club record for the river.

Chub Record smashed twice in one session! (04.02.2007)
We have received information that a Chub of 7-1-0, which was then promptly beaten by another specimen of 7-4-0 have been caught at Sutton Benger. This is a new club record so hopefully we will be able to obtain a photo for the club book and website. Please keep us updated of any other exceptional catches.

Lakes (04.02.2007)
Unfortunately we are again dealing with significant amounts of litter being left at the lakes. If this situation does not improve, the Committee may decide to temporarily close the water. Please inform the Committee of anyone who is witnessed leaving litter, preferably with a photo of the angler, or club membership number if possible. 

Night fishing at Sutton Benger (09.01.2007)
Night fishing on the Swindon Isis Angling Club stretch of the Bristol Avon at Sutton Benger is strictly forbidden – See General rule number 12. Anyone found to be breaking this rule WILL BE BANNED FROM THE CLUB FOR LIFE. 

2000+ Carp introduced into 1a (May 2007)
A further  batch of 2000+ small carp have been introduced into 1a.

Ken Reynolds RIP (Oct 2007)
It is with deep regret that the club learned of the sudden  death of our long standing member and Secretary Ken Reynolds on Monday 1st October, 2007.  Ken was a loyal and valued servant of the club who dispatched his duties with quiet efficioency and integrity. Our heart felt condolances go to his family.
Lake 1 Common
A fine common carp of close to 20lb taken by Laurence Yates from No 1 Lake on pepperami.

Today we put 530 carp into Lake 1a (small lake)
400 Mirrors. size 6 to 8 inch
130 8 inch + Mirrors and Commons 
We will have some Bream from the E.A. in the autumn
Guest Tickets- new procedure (23-05-10)
From May 24th if you wish to take a friend fishing on Isis Club waters you need to follow the following procedure:
either e-mail the Secretary with your membership number and the date you are intending to fish or phone the Secretary with the information. 
You will then be given a reference number, quote this number if challenged by a member of the Committee. The number is only valid on the day stated and each member can  take a friend fishing only once during the season.
Jo Smith with a 22-8 common captured on Sunday 29th August.
2010-11 Cup winners at the Merlin Cup Draw July 2011
An 8 chub catch from the Top Weir for 19-4-0 taken  by Michael Saunders
Thanks to Rob Sumsion for the photos of some of the catch from No1 during a session with his fishing colleague Andy Watts, who is holding a common of 15lb and a mirror of 21-15. Several other fish were taken and  one close to 30lb was lost.
Lee Pollard with a nice 17lb mirror from the big lake
Two carp taken by Kevin Westlake over the Easter week-end.
The mirror was 19lb and the common 21lb 6oz
Some fine catches from No1 by Jamie Day and Daniel Deeks
Please send photos of your catches to secretary2020@swindonisis.org
A typical backwater catch (thanks to Darren Edgell for the pic).