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MATCH 1   24th April
ARKELL CUP. No anglers caught a fish.
 Trophy to be fished for later. All anglers get 2points towards championship
B.garrett     N.russell
R.Garrett    A.Cook
P.gilbert     J.Williams
MATCH 2    8th May
1st N.Russell - 7lb - 1oz              50 pts
2nd B.Garrett - 4lb - 12oz           48 pts
3rd P.Gilbert   - 3lb - 9oz            46 pts
4th A.Cook    - 0lb - 4oz             44 pts
J.Williams, J.Richards, R.Garrett   D.N.W    2 pts
 Biggest Fish on the day  N.Russell 6lb - 8oz Tench
MATCH 3       29th May
CHAIRMANS CUP           
1st B.Garrett 10lb 8oz                        50 pts  
2nd J.williams 1lb-12oz                      48 pts
DNW R.Garrett                                   2 pts
Biggest Fish on the day  B.Garrett 7lb- 0oz Tench
MATCH 4      5th June
1st A.Cook - 2lb - 13oz              50 pts
2nd B.Garrett 2lb - 10oz            48 pts
3rd N.russell 0lb - 15oz              46 pts
3rd J.Williams 0lb-15oz              46 pts
5th R.Garrett  0lb-8oz                 42 pts
MATCH 5          12th June
​1st P.Gilbert 2lb - 8oz                       50 pts
2nd R.Garrett 2lb - 3oz                     48 pts
2nd J.williams 2lb - 3oz                     48 pts
4th B.garrett 2lb - 1oz                        44 pts
MATCH 6     10th july
1st S.Bull -      8lb-0oz-      50 pts
2nd A.Cook  - 2lb -13oz-   48 pts
3rd J.Wright - 2lb - 12oz -  46 pts
4th N.Russell - 2lb - 11oz  44 pts
​5th B.Garrett -2lb - 6oz      42 pts
6th P.Gilbert - 1lb - 15oz   40 pts
7th R.Garrett - 0lb - 12oz   38 pts
DNW T.Williamson               2 pts
MATCH 7      24 July
1st B.Garrett    6lb-1oz                     50 pts
2nd P.Gilbert   5lb 10oz                    48 pts
3rd N.russell    5lb-9oz                      46 pts
4th J.Williams  4lb-15oz                    44 pts
5th S.Bull         3lb-9oz-8drms           42 pts
6th A.Cook       1lb-1oz                      40 pts
7th R.Garrett    0lb-3oz                      38 pts
DNW T.Williamson                              2 pts
MATCH 8  7th August
1st   N.russell      11lb-14oz          50 pts
2nd  B.Garrett       7lb- 2oz           48 pts
3rd   P.Rice          5lb-4oz             46 pts
4th   P.Gilbert      4lb -12oz           44 pts
5th  S.Bull            2lb-7oz              42 pts
6th  J.Wright        2lb-5oz              40 pts
7th  R,Garrett       1lb- 10oz           38 pts
8th  J.Williams      1lb-1oz-8drms   36 pts
9th   A.Cook          1lb-10                34 pts
MATCH 9    21st August
Gloucester Canal
1st........Paul Rice........3lbs...13ozs...0drms. 50pts
2nd.......Peter Gilbert...1lb....15ozs....0drms  48ts
3rd.......Gary Davis......1lb.......1ozs...0drms  46pts
4th.......Fred Parker.....0lb.......10ozs.8drms  44pts
5th.......BobGarrett.....0lb........10ozs...0drms  42pts
6th.......Rod Garrett.....0lb........2ozs...0drms  40pts
MATCH 10  2nd October
Hungerford Canal (Dunmill)
1st..John Williams...3Lb..11oz....50pts
2nd..Bob Garrett..3lb..5oz....48pts
3rd..Rodney Garrett  olb..9oz..46pts
MATCH 11  30th October
1st Gary Davis  11lb 0oz  0drms                 50 pts
2nd Paul Rice    4lb  11oz  0drms               48 pts
3rd Len Baldwin 3lb  12oz 0drms                46 pts
4th Arthur Cook  2lb 8oz 0drms                   44pts
5th Jamie Richards  2lb 0oz 0drms             42 pts
​=6th Bob Garrett       0lb 9oz 0drms            40 pts
=6th Rod Garrett       0lb 9oz 0drms            40 pts
8th  Nigel Russell     0lb 7oz 0drms             36 pts
Steve Bull         D.N.W                                2 pts
Trev  Williamson      D.N.W                         2 pts
Gary Davis & Jamie (jammy) Richards
MATCH 12  27th November
1st   John Wright     4lb 14oz                   50 pts
2nd  Paul Rice         4lb 0oz                    48 pts
3rd   Steve Bull        3lb 6oz                    46 pts
4th   Peter Gilbert    2lb -9oz                   44 pts
5th  Nigel Russell    1lb  7oz                   42 pts
6th  Rodney Garrett  0lb  10oz               40 pts
7th Bob Garrett        0lb  6oz                  38 pts
8th  Arthur Cook      0lb  2oz  8drms      36 pts
MATCH 13  18th December
1st   Nobby Normington     18lb 2oz              50 pts
2nd  Paul Rice           15lb 14oz                    48 pts
3rd   Brian  Webb      12lb 12oz                    46 pts
4th  Bob Garrett          12lb -2oz                   44 pts
5th  Jamie Richards    11lb  4oz                   42 pts
6th  Mick Rozzier         6lb  11oz                  40 pts
7th Vince Ayris            5lb  0oz                     38 pts
8th  Nigel Russell        4lb  11oz                   36 pts
9th  Steve Bull             2lb 14oz                    34 pts
10th Fred Parker          0lb 7oz                     32 pts
11th Peter Gilbert        0lb 2oz                      30 pts
John Wright D.N.W                                          2pts
Len Baldwin D.N.W                                          2pts
Darre Edgehill  D.N.W                                   2 pts

MATCH 14  8th January 2017
 1st....Bob Garrett...11lb...1oz.                 50 pts
 2nd...Vince Ayris.......9lb...9oz.               48 pts
 3rd..Rob Normington 5lb...9oz.               46 pts
 4th..John Wright.........5lb...2oz.              44 pts
 5th...Nigel Russell........3lb...5oz.            42 pts 
 6th..Paul Rice................0lb..14oz           40 pts
 7th..Peter Gilbert.........0lb...1oz               38 pts
 Len Baldwin  D.N.W                                   2 pts
 Steve Bull D.N.W.                                      2 pts
 Golden Peg 15 won by Bob Garrett.
 Merlin cup won by.........Bob Garrett.

SEASON 2016/2017